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February 2010

Feb. 10. Last October and November, the Lincoln Square Theatre of Chicago performed "Ambrose Bierce: Tales & Times." Ambrose Bierce Site webmaster Don Swaim features numerous photos of the production here.

September 2008

Sept. 5. Popular Culture/American Culture Associations Annual Conference 2009
The American Civil War and Reconstruction Area

April 8-11, 2009, New Orleans, Louisiana

The Civil War and Reconstruction area of the Popular Culture Association/American Culture Association is calling for papers on the American Civil War (War Between the States) and Reconstruction for its national meeting, April 8-11, 2009 (Wednesday through Saturday) at the New Orleans Marriott Hotel.  This strand has become a forum for interdisciplinary dialogue about the War.  Papers may examine any interplay of the Civil War and Reconstruction with American culture, of course--but they may also explore any topic or "reading" of the War.  Past presentations have included such diverse topics as literature (Doctorow's The March, Frazier's Cold Mountain, etc.), photography, art, newspapers and journalistic history, battle reenactments, music and popular poetry, battle narratives, film, television, historiography, women's narratives, memory and memorializing, the politics of battlefield preservation, Abraham Lincoln as a writer, and material culture.  Suggested special topics could also include national reconciliation, Louisiana and the War, black soldiers, Ben Butler, and soldier's memoirs.

Sessions run for ninety minutes, and each presenter receives fifteen minutes, depending on the number of papers in each panel.  Please plan to stay within this time limit.  A DVD player and television will be provided in each room, so that we can accommodate film clips as well as PowerPoint-type slide programs.  Graduate students are welcome to submit proposals.  Whole panel proposals are also welcome.

Please send an abstract of 100-250 words to: Dr. Randal Allred, Department of English, Brigham Young University-Hawaii, 55-220 Kulanui St., Laie, HI 96762;, phone (808) 675-3633, and fax (808) 675-3662.  Please include in your proposal your address, school affiliation, e-mail, fax number, and telephone number.

Deadline for submissions is November 15, 2008.

For more information, go to

July 2008

July 2. Don Swaim, editor of the Ambrose Bierce Site, has announced his new article on "Bierce's Typewriter." One can find Swaim's analysis and related images here.