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data entry jobs from home evening is instructor of english at tarleton state university in stephenville, texas. he has presented scholarship covering a wide range of american and british authors, including ralph waldo emerson, joseph conrad, nathaniel hawthorne, t.c. boyle, and katherine mansfield. his writing has been published by the cea critic.

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our recognition of how bierce anticipates the temporal manipulation of modernism may offer a lens through which his significance can be more permanently fixed.




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it is not my intention here to offer explanations as to why time is such a compelling force in bierce? fiction. as i?e suggested in footnote 51, horology and concerns over mechanized time were in the air during the high point of bierce? fictional production, but ultimately any direct connection is speculative at best. bierce himself probably offers the best explanation in ?he man overboard.?the story is the third narrated by claude reginald gump, ?riter of sea stories?(492). ? shipwreckollection,? [60] chronicles his experiences on board the mudlark under captain abersouth. the story ends with the narrator thrown overboard and sinking to the bottom of the ocean; the ship itself is lost at sea. despite this ending, gump and abersouth return in a sequel (not a prequel) tale, ?aptain of the camel.? [61] at the end of ?aptain of the camel?the ship is frozen in ice and all on board (including captain abersouth but excepting the narrator) is dead. despite the fact that gump has seemingly died twice (since the ending of ?aptain of the camel?offers little hope of rescue) and abersouth definitively once, both are back in ?he man overboard.? [62] near the end of this third installment, the captain complains to gump over how he, as author/narrator, has been treating abersouth, his character. gump replies ?t was true. being usually the hero of my own stories, i commonly do manage to live through one, in order to figure to advantage in the next. it is from artistic necessity: no reader would take much interest in a hero who was dead before the beginning of the tale?(493). in other words, conventions, traditions, expectations, even inevitabilities like death, all can and should be overthrown when ?rtistic necessity?dictates. gump? humorous response to abersouth also serves as meta-textual commentary on bierce? fiction, particularly his repeated distortions of standard conventions of narrative time. [63]

david leon higdon has argued that ?ecognition of time as a significant aspect of fiction has been slow in coming?(1). a full recognition of bierce? innovations with fictional time has been likewise slow. in none of the seminal treatments of time in fiction is ambrose bierce featured. hans meyerhoff does not included him in time in literature; bierce is not mentioned in frank kermode? the sense of an ending: studies in the theory of fiction; despite having a entire section dedicated to the examination of time and american writers, georges poulet devotes nary a word to the fiction of ambrose bierce. this, despite the fact that in his fictional treatment of time, bierce ?nticipates the writers of the next century?(solomon 187); much of the temporal exploration we now associate with modernism was a hallmark of bierce? short fiction.

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> 7. final thoughts: bierce's place in time

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